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Turan's biography

Ethno-folklore ensemble “Turan” was organized in 2008 by the initiative of its members, students of Kazakh National Conservatory named after Kurmangazy.

Desire of young musicians to recreate the sound of ancient archaic Kazakh musical instruments and to find new ways of play ethno-folk works by our contemporaries lead to the idea of creating the ensemble.

Creativity and identity of the ensemble are visible from the first sounds of songs: shapes of works are close to the old patterns of instrumental and vocal compositions.

The sound of ensemble is unusual and fascinating due to the fact that along with the widespread folk instruments musicians play instruments rarely used even in professional teams. Using capabilities of light and sound-amplifying equipment musicians easily move around the stage and create unforgettable images of past and present.

Members of the ensemble are winners of various contests and festivals of folk music. They performed in the most prestigious concert halls of the world: France, Israel, Turkey, Germany, South Korea, and the United States.

Ethno-folklore ensemble “Turan” is the winner of the grant of the first President’s Fund.

Group members: Maxat Medeubek , Bauirzhan Bekmukhanbetov , Serik Nurmoldaev , Abzal Arykbaev , Erzhigit Aliyev. They play instruments such as sabyzgy, shankobyz, saz-syrnay, sherter, zhetigen, shinkildek, dombra, kyl-kobyz and others. Abzal Arybaev is the owner of traditional and ancient art of throat singing.

August 8, 2008 – ensemble “Turan” became a member of international festival YOUNG EURO CLASS in Berlin as an executor of symphonic poem “Dala syry” written by Aktoty Raimkulova and accompanied by the Student Symphonic Orchestra from Kazakh National Conservatory named after Kyrmangazy.

Performance has a resounding success in German audience. Ensemble conquered many hearts of traditional folk and classical music lovers. Standing ovation and applause proved that the team found fans not only in Kazakhstan but also beyond its boundaries.

November 2009 – ensemble made a triumphant tour in the United States – Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Boston. The final performance took place in Carnegie Hall in New York.

Together with Student Symphony Orchestra the ensemble performed symphonic poem “Jamila” in memory of Chingiz Aitmatova (author – Kazakhstani composer Aktoty Raimkulova). The magnificent acoustics, high quality sound and lights made the performance perfect that was the reason why the audience did not let go young musicians from the stage.

As representatives of Kazakh culture, the team was able to demonstrate high professional level to the American audience.

April 2010 – the ensemble “Turan” gave a solo concert in Israel, performing their own composition and Aktoty Raimkulova’s “Dala syry”. Israel Chamber Orchestra accompanied to the ensemble. There were representatives of the embassies among guests of the concert dedicated to the celebration of Nauryz.

August 2010 – the team became a member of the World Grand kurultay “Turan” in Hungary. The ensemble performed for welcoming Hungarian people for three days.

Media from all over the world America, Japan, Turkey, Korea, including Discovery Channel acquainted with works of young musicians and made several documentaries about the ensemble telling about Kazakh culture and traditions.
Spring 2010 – first CD was released.

Despite the short period of ensemble’s activity it causes a great interest of many local and foreign listeners.

2011 was a productive year for the team. The ensemble performed in many countries representing Kazakhstan on a high professional level:

- Performance in Bundestkunsthalle (Berlin) in front of embassies representatives from Germany, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan.
- The opening of the first Kazakh cinema festival “Kazakhstan: a kaleidoscope of pictures” in Los Angeles, USA. The ensemble brilliantly performed the new concert program in modern processing
- Award winner at ethnic festival “Sharq Taronalari-2011” in Samarkand, Uzbekistan
- Solo concert in Barcelona, Spain
- Solo concert in Yekaterinburg, Russia
- Solo concerts in Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf (Germany).
- Release of the second album “El turan”

Portfolio of young musicians have interesting compositions, the ensemble plans creative and colorful projects-compositions.

We are looking forward for cooperation. In case of your agreement we are ready to discuss all the details regarding the project and provide all the necessary audio/video/photo materials about the ensemble and its works.


Генеральный продюсер  Карина Сарсенова:

Концертный менеджер Алихан Мусатаев:
8 775 505 04 15;

адрес: Республика  Казахстан, г. Алматы, ул. Желтоксана 2/1